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 Harder classes.  Laziness. Senioritis. It has been said that no year of college is more difficult than that endured by seniors. It is, in fact, quite often a student's senior year that winds up running longer than just two semesters....adding time to their college career and leading into a fifth year when there should have only been four! But what makes academic learning so especially difficult during those final seasons? One would assume that after 3 previous years of apparent success, seniors would find those last months to be a comparative "breeze." But the differences that exist between one's junior and senior years are primarily psychological in nature! And, with a little bit of disciplined effort, senioritis can be overcome and more students can go on to walk proudly down the aisle at graduation to receive their degrees.

   One crucial element that makes the last year so much harder is that college seniors typically have more genuine concerns than their undergraduate counterparts do. A good number of them have already found the full-time job they intend to stay in and those extra hours working for a company that they can't really afford to leave add newfound pressures which inherently reduce study time and
atively affect their grades. Those that do not yet have career-orientated jobs often find themselves even more stressed by the supposition that they're swiftly approaching life in the "real world" and do not yet have any viable way to sustain a living. Questions regarding the genuine value of those years they just spent in college begin to surface. Will it pay off? What jobs are out there? Should I ever have gone to this university in the first place? Many students even consider going to graduate school just for lack of a better life alternative. But whatever the reason behind their "senioritis," too many 4th (or "5th") year students need serious help and professional guidance which just isn't always there for everyone...And so this website was founded to serve as a starting a preliminary stepping stone to help point struggling students in the right direction and hopefully,--- to help them find a better life after graduating successfully from their university...